Happy Valentine's Day Dexter Sullivan

Written inside of the card:
Love of my life,
I knew from the moment that your fingers brushed against my jaw, and your thumb swept over my bottom lip, that you were the one. When you looked into my eyes we had a connection that I couldn't ignore, and never wanted to. When you kissed me I was yours, through and through. And when you held my hand in yours, it was as though we had loved one another before and would love one another again, and again. When I am remade, I'm remade for you and I can find you even in the dark. There is nowhere you could go that I wouldn't follow.

There was a time when I was afraid of the future. A time when I wanted everything to be planned out and everything to be laid out just so. I've thought long and hard about what our future would look like. Sometimes I think it involves the white picket fence and the two point five kids. Sometimes I think it involves a restaurant and jetsetting and exploring the world together. But there is always one thing that is constant when I think about the future, and that's you. I'm no longer afraid about tomorrow or the next day or a month or a year from now because I know that no matter what else changes, there will always be you.

I'm so grateful everyday for the opportunity to be with you, to spend my life with you. For every moment that we have from the time we wake in the morning until the time we crawl into bed at night. There is no one in the world that I would rather be with, no one I could ever love the way that I love you. From now until forever x forever.
Yours endlessly,